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What is PGDM Courses? The Ultimate Guide to PGDM

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What is PGDM Courses? – All You Wanted to Know About Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM Program).

Can’t decide if a PGDM course is right for you? Want to know more about the Post Graduate Diploma in Management and how it will affect your career in the future? You’ve come to the right place! PGDM has been gaining incredible importance in the Indian education system for the last few decades.

It has emerged as one of the strongest courses for future leaders and entrepreneurs to hone their skills and learn the innovation and creativity, required in a cutting-edge competitive environment.

We bring you all the details of PGDM courses – right from the eligibility, fees, course syllabus to the placement opportunities and application process. Once you know the exceptional benefits of pursuing PGDM, you can apply to many top B-Schools in India and earn your Diploma for rapid career advancements!

What is a PGDM Course?

PGDM or Post-Graduate Diploma in Management is a management course for students who want to earn their Diploma before entering the corporate world. PGDM courses are offered by autonomous institutes (not affiliated with any university) and they are approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

Several Top B-schools India offer the 2-year PGDM courses that are equivalent to MBA. There are many part-time and distance courses that students can take up if they are already working or can’t undertake a full-time course. Even though PGDM is a diploma course, the career prospects for students after completion are incredibly bright.

When you complete your PGDM from an institute of repute, you open up countless doors for your future success. Most PGDM courses are designed by the top minds in the industry and they prepare students to become thriving professionals in their field of interest.

What are the Different PGDM Specializations?

Today, the world has come very far from the basics of Arts, Commerce and Science. Especially in post-graduation, there are many specializations available for students to align with their passions.

The first year of PGDM is dedicated to learning the fundamentals of the course to develop a strong base of knowledge. In the second year, you can choose a specialization that best suits your interest levels and your career goals. Some of the top PGDM specializations include:

  • PGDM in Sales & Marketing – One of the most popular PGDM specializations, this course is perfect for outgoing and ambitious students to learn about marketing and sales concerns.
  • PGDM in Human Resource Management – Learn to manage resources in an organization. This is one of the most integral and rapidly developing fields in any organization.
  • PGDM in Operations & Supply Chain Management – This relates to the business processes and handling the entire supply chain in product-based companies.
  • PGDM in Retail – Helps you understand all about the ever-growing retail landscape in India along with e-commerce.
  • PGDM in Information Technology – IT is arguably the fastest growing industry, not just in India but also the world. The growing pace needs people to grow with it!
  • PGDM in Banking and Finance Management – Aspirants with a flair for numbers will find high-paying jobs in the sector worldwide.
  • PGDM in Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is an integral part of the new normal and a PGDM in this specialization can help you support businesses in their digital journey.
  • PGDM in Hospitality Management – Hospitality is an industry that’s growing in every city and corner of the world. You can find a job in one of the top hotels globally after completing this PGDM course.
  • PGDM in Research & Business Analytics – The course blends the best of science, technology, business, research and statistics.
  • PGDM in International Business – Learn about global business operations and manage multinational companies with complex operations smoothly.

What is the Eligibility for PGDM?

The PGDM course eligibility often varies from college to college but, the minimum qualification requirement is full-time graduation from any field. The minimum marks requirement (aggregate) ranges from 50 to 70%, depending on the college or institute you are applying to.

You will have to present all the original mark sheets and documents at the time of admission to any PGDM course in India. Make sure you fit the eligibility criteria before applying to the college or institute to not miss out on an opportunity!

What are the Course Fees for PGDM in India?

PGDM course fees are comparatively higher than MBA fees, but the placements are equally good, too. The average fee for PGDM courses ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 12.5 lakhs per annum. The fees depend on the college, the location, and the placement record of the institute.

Many colleges also include a laptop in the fees, while some might include a few study tours. The fees are also inclusive of a lot of study material that you might find at the college.

While choosing the best PGDM college, it’s important to look beyond the fees and consider it as an investment in your future. When you realize the returns, it is definitely worth pursuing a PGDM course in India.

What is the Procedure for PGDM Admissions?

PGDM admissions are often done on the basis of entrance exams conducted either by the institute/college or all-India entrance exams. It is the first step towards the admission process.

Usually, top B-schools in India get thousands of applications every year and choose only a few hundred for the course. This makes it important to prepare well for the admission process and study well in advance.

Candidates who qualify in the entrance exams are then invited by the institute for Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). Many institutes also host a written ability test (WAT).

The final admission list is based on the result and marks of the entrance exam, GD, PI, and WAT. There are many resources you will find online to help you master the GD and PI. Make sure you study and practice your answers to ensure you get admission to your desired college.

What are the common entrance exams for PGDM?

While every college has their own criteria for entrance exams, some common ones include:

  • Common Admission Test (CAT)
  • Management Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT)
  • Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP)
  • Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH-CET)
  • Common Management Aptitude Test (CMAT)
  • NMAT by GMAC

You can check online which is the entrance exam your desired college accepts scores of and then start studying and preparing accordingly. CAT, MAT are some of the most commonly accepted scores all-India.

What does the PGDM Courses Syllabus Include?

The PGDM syllabus is quite similar to MBA, only it is more practical-based and includes many more industry projects, internships and even international and national study tours.

Also, since the institutes are autonomous in nature, they are sensitive to the changes in the industry and update the syllabus as per the corporate standards.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a highly industry-oriented course that emphasizes leadership, teamwork, and practicality of business. You get access to the latest syllabus as per the market demand. You can also acquire a senior level position in the company after you learn practical skills during the PGDM courses.

There are a few compulsory and elective subjects that students can choose from as per their interests and industry wherein they’d like to have a future.

There are internships at the end of every team and they offer a lot of learning outside the classroom. Many PGDM colleges in India also provide event opportunities for students to learn and excel.

What are the Career & Placement Opportunities after PGDM?

Many B-Schools offer excellent career opportunities after PGDM courses. They have tie-ups with several corporate companies that help students find the right jobs as per their skill-sets.

Alumni relations also help students from top B-schools land great jobs in the industry. Many organizations recruit fresh post-graduates every year and it can be rewarding for students to get placed in one of the top companies in India or worldwide.

The salary package for students who complete their PGDM starts from around 6.5 LPA and can go up to Rs. 15 LPA. Several reputed and recognized B-schools even get their students packages up to 25 LPA.

Students have a high employability rate after PGDM and they can pursue their passions without any hassles. Many institutes also have an active placement cell that works relentlessly towards placing every student in their dream company with a dream package!

The Final Word:

Today, PGDM has become one of the top choices for students who want to pursue their post-graduation in India. It is a high-paying investment that reaps the rewards for years to come. Choosing the right B-School or Institute as per your interest, city preference, and future goals will play a major role in deciding your management career’s fate.

If you want to apply to PGDM courses in India, the applications for 2021 are on in almost all institutes. You can visit onlineapplication for a one-stop-destination for applications for PGDM.

Get access to all the information – eligibility, course details, fees, placement, and more at Online Applications and click for a prosperous future today!

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